LVA ProWriting 2023

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the creation of a research grant application is a challenging and time-consuming task. Strategic goal of the ProWriting 2023 course is to improve the capabilities and chances of (young) researchers to receive national competitive public funding.

The target group are experienced PhD students with good knowledge of the state of the art and junior post-docs which intend to submit their first grant proposal in the near future. During the semester the students will get a deep understanding of national research funding and will prepare a proposal close to reality. This proposal will be defended at the end of the course in front of a jury which consists of members from national funding agencies. The students will thus get additional valuable feedback!

More details can be found in TISS or on the webpage:

We would be glad if you could forward the invitation of our online information event to suitable candidates!

Information-event Prowriting 2023

Friday, 27.1.2023, 10:00-11:30

Meeting ID: 928 2838 0169

Password: 8BDiVEtR

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