The Communication and Information team of FemChem is concerned with spreading news and information about our activities to both all the women being an active part of FemChem as well as the general public. Through that, we actively contribute to linking women in chemistry at TU Wien, who are working within the faculty.

One of our main duties is keeping the FemChem webpage up to date, as well as taking care of the E-Mail correspondence. We also support the work of the other FemChem teams by sharing their news and activities on the webpage. Moreover, we also send out the FemChem newsletter to all members quarterly.

To coordinate our work, the communication team holds regular meetings (1-2 times per month), where all the following steps are decided upon and set into action.

If you have some general questions or requests concerning FemChem or think some content should be shared on our webpage, please contact the Communication team at!

The same holds true if you want to support our work by joining the FemChem Communication team.


Contact: ci_femchem[α]