FemChem Seminar

Gender-sensitive Collaboration and Project Management

LVA 034.018 (FemChem in cooperation with the Gender Competence departement)

More information on dates and current time slots for registration can be found on TISS.

A motivational letter is required upon registration!

Learned Skills

  • Competences in gender-sensitive organizational developement
  • Trained to pay particular attention to gender aspects
  • Basic skills in agile project management
  • Hands-on experience in one of the FemChem teams – working on an assigned task


  • Semester hours: 3.0
  • Credits: 3.0
  • Type: SE Seminar
  • Format: Presence


Ruth Strobl

Team Member of the Gender Competence Departement

Covered topics – Equality vs. equity, unconcious bias, social and personal resistances, situation from the perspective of men, gender-sensitive working environment, discussion of personal experiences

Stefanie Taibl

Senior Scientist in the field of Solid State Ionics – Institute of Chemical Technologies & Analytics

Covered topics – Basic terms of project management, main concepts of agile project managements, classic management tools for small projects, tools and methods that are used in FemChem (project organisation, software tools, communication tools, etc.)


Seminar Concept

Kick-off meeting at the beginning of the semester

  • Intensive discussion of the two main topics of the course (gender aspects & project management)
  • Introduction of the FemChem network
  • Networking opportunity
  • Subsequent choice of a mentor

Working on assigned tasks within the FemChem network

for example

  • Assisting in the organization (planning, moderation, execution, follow-up) of events, such as the FemChem Scientific Workshop or the FemChem Annual Meeting
  • Organizing educational courses
  • Writing reports for the newsletter or homepage
  • Updating homepage and social media channels
  • Compiling statistics
  • Participating in workshops on organizational development
  • Assisting in conducting studies & surveys
  • Designing the content of projects
  • Leading internal working groups/projects
  • Organizing participation in sport events
  • Designing promotional posters

Writing a report

  • opportunity for self reflection
  • report on experiences within the network as well as in the daily working environment
  • basis for subsequent disscussions in the final meeting

Final Meeting

  • Exchange of experiences in terms of personal and work place resistances
  • Reflection on the work within the network
  • Discussion regarding the value of the learned skills