Scientific Workshop

Following an already established tradition, the 4th FemChem Scientific Workshop was held on September 15th.
The workshop was opened by an invited talk by Dennis Svatunek on mechanistic insights into the reactivity of molecules. This brilliant lection was a great opening of a high-level scientific program of the workshop. Ten oral presentations were given, and three posters were presented by bachelor, master, and Ph.D. students. In total, more than 130 participants were registered for the workshop. 

We asked the presenters and chairs of the sessions what they like about the FemChem Scientific Workshop.
Here are some opinions: 

Dennis Svatunek: “The FemChem workshop represents a unique opportunity at the Faculty of Chemistry to connect with fellow researchers and students from all areas of chemistry. I enjoyed being able to present my research in front of such a diverse group of scientists and hopefully inspire young students.” 

Hannah Rabl: “The FemChem Workshop is a great opportunity to get together and get to know other research groups within the TU. It also gives young researchers the possibility to present their work (for the first time) to a scientific community. I personally also really appreciated the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere at the FemChem Workshop”  

Samar Batool: “It was a great experience to present my work in FemChem workshop and get feedback from students and senior researchers of the chemistry department. It gave me a great sense of confidence and provided me with the opportunity to network within the chemistry department.” 

Alexey Cherevan: “It is a great internal veniue where the work from different institutes can be presented and ideas exchanged. I like FemChem workshops because of the usually very relaxed atmosphere which makes people more interactive and less shy to ask questions and speak up.” 

Laura Daza-Serna: “I think it is worthy participating in the FemChem workshop because it is a space to share the progress and main topics that are being investigated at our University. I also think it is a wonderful space to acknowledge the path that other women as me have walked in science, and strengthen our presentation skills.” 

Johanna Templ: “For me, it was a great pleasure and benefit to participate in the FemChem scientific workshop. On the one hand, to get insight into current research conducted by young students, who were given the stage in this workshop (meaning presentations from a PhD point of view). On the other hand, I’m really honored share my work with younger students and hopefully encourage and inspire them in their very own field.” 

Bernadette Kirchsteiger “By attending this workshop one gathers a lot more than presentation practice. The given talks from the various fields of chemistry demonstrate the interdisciplinary live at TU Wien, which is for sure motivating and helps to generate some ideas and start new collaborations. Besides that, it offers you a nice atmosphere to (re)connect and chat with colleagues after such a long time of isolation.” 

Daniela Kojic: “For me, the participation in the FemChem Scientific Workshop offers the unique opportunity to give an understanding of the own research field to all the students, scientists and professors of the whole faculty. Furthermore, it is a great chance to learn how to present scientific data, network with colleagues and collect new great ideas!”