We are proud to announce our fourth course of this year! In cooperation with the TU Career Center we offer a tailored application training workshop. As the interest in the last career workshop was high, we offer the course twice, on November 29th 2022 and December 15th from 9-16 h.

What can you expect?

For a successful career, preparing for the application process is crucial. The focus of the training “APPLY LIKE A PRO” is to train for every aspect of the application process. In this training we will cover the following topics:

  • How to make the best possible first impression with attractive application materials (CV, cover letter, etc.),
  • How to make the best impression at a job interview,
  • How to negotiate for salary and what salary you can expect,
  • Differences between a career in the industry and academia.

Each workshop includes professional inputs, practical exercises, exchange of experiences in the group and a Q&A session. The training is addressed to at all female chemists from the beginning as well as the end of their Master or PhD program at the TU Vienna.

Hard Facts

The course consists of an interactive 1-day training in person at the Infineon Hub at Paniglgasse 1-3 from 9-16 h. The course will be held in English by the experienced trainers from the Career Center Lisa Bockberger and Daniela Mühlbacher. To address each participant individually, the number of participants (max. 15 participants per course) is limited and the course will be held female-only.

Registration opens today for members of TU only.Registration ends on November 16th for the first course and on November 30th for the second course and you will be notified if your registration is confirmed until this date.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!


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