Angela Miltner

Teresa Seifried

“The time at FemChem during my PhD at the TU Wien has greatly enriched
me in my personal and professional development. I am honored to have had
the opportunity to work in this highly motivated, supportive, and
open-minded network.”

Angela Miltner

It was my great pleasure to support the build-up and startup phase of FemChem. Taking a look at it now, FemChem has become an important and responsible association with fine goals. Being part of FemChem was a wonderful time of friendship and fellowship. We learned a lot, supported each other, improved our skills, and initiated improvements within the Faculty. I also appreciated that FemChem also addresses men and the general situation at the Faculty although it of course has its focus on women. I can only recommend every woman in the Faculty to become part of FemChem in one or another way to feel the spirit, support, and appreciation of the fellowship and to support the transition of the Faculty.

Bettina Baumgartner

I really enjoyed being involved in the team of FemChem! The great team spirit allowed me to overcome the -pointless but sometimes existing – social boarders between research groups and institutes!

Elise Zerobin

Looking back at my professional experience with FemChem, I am feeling incredibly honored that I had the chance to be part of building such a precious network of highly motivated and competent leading individuals. This interdisciplinary community enabled me to gain valuable information from fellow researchers on the professional as well as on the personal level. By building an encouraging network FemChem provided support for each and everyone of us. Vibrant discussions amongst the management board, as well as steering committees with the dean offered me valuable experience and contributed substantially to my personal growth and my strategy of negotiation. The immense potential of the FemChem network revealed when I finished my PhD thesis and transferred my knowledge from university to industry. Sharing information, providing support to colleagues, pushing each other, communicating in a respectful manner, an efficient working style, and a critical way of thinking are only a few of the topics that remain extremely precious to me. I am extremely grateful for this experience and I can only recommend everyone to become involved in this network. FemChem is a great organization, providing personal development in every aspect of life.

Erna Zukic

“I liked being part of FemChem. Especially the workshops were informative and related to my PhD study, professional and interpersonal. It’s a nice opportunity for young PhD students to make new contacts with PhDs apart from ones research group.

Clara Garcia

Karin Wieland

Yazgan Mete

Olga Lanardidi