It has been exciting 2 years with a lot of plans to make, decisions to take, events to organize and – most important – putting a lot of effort into the build-up and shaping of FemChem. But now, it is time to get some fresh energy into the FemChem Board to be ready for all the upcoming challenges. And so, a new Board was elected on December 7, 2020, at the end of the fixed term of 2 years.

The active members of each FemChem team elected 3 women as their representatives in the Board and one of those 3 as the speaker of the team.

In the course of the first Board meeting of the new Board members, the FemChem Chair was elected. The Board, again, consists of 13 women (3 for each working group plus one chair) and it is supported by a representative of the Committee on Equal Treatment and a representative of the senate. You can find all members of the new Board here.

The new FemChem Board will continue the regular Board meetings to discuss and decide on further events and activities, as well as to shape FemChem and develop its strategy. The FemChem Chair and the speakers of each team will also carry on with the quarterly meetings with the Dean to inform him about the FemChem activities and discuss about upcoming topics.

We wish our new Board all the best for its 2-year term! Much has been achieved already, but lots of interesting and exciting tasks will come up in the future for FemChem.