On Feb. 8th five delegates from FemChem took part in an online event together with the rector Sabine Seidler, the Dean Marko Mihovilovic and the Minister of Women and Integration Susanne Raab.

Our network was briefly introduced by Bettina Mihalyi and the main outcome of our study on the situation of young scientists at the Faculty of Technical Chemistry was presented by Anne Kasper-Giebl.

We are happy to note that the interest in the outcome of this study reached the Ministerium. Originally, it was planned a personal visit from the Minister Mrs. Susanne Raab for November 2020 to the Faculty of Chemistry, but due to the COVID situation, it had to be postponed.

The study was launched in 2019 and completed in 2020 in collaboration of FemChem, the Faculty of Technical Chemistry and Gender Competence. You can find the results of the study here (DOI: 10.34726/281; in German) and now the Executive Summary in English is available as well and ready for download here.

We enjoyed the good atmosphere during the conservation.

Further reading (in German):