The Faculty of Technical Chemistry at Technische Universität Wien (TU Wien) invites applications for an female Assistant Professor position within the framework of the Excellence Initiative FemChem (tenure track, full-time employment) expected to start on 01.04.2021.

The position is initially limited to a period of six years and, in the event of a qualification agreement being signed and fulfilled, includes the option of promotion to an unlimited employment contract as an Associate Professor. The tenue track model at TU Wien offers a continuous scientific career from university assistant / postdoc to associate professor. A qualification agreement represents a key component of the career model including several mutually agreed on milestones to be reached within a defined period of time. The successful applicant enters the stage of assistant professor after signing the qualification agreement; after completion of the agreement the candidate is promoted to associate professor with an unlimited contract.

The current opening is announced as thematically open vacancy to be finally associated to one of the four institutes within the faculty after completion of the selection process; this future home-base institute will provide the optimum research environment in view of the candidate’s expertise. The position comprises research and teaching duties compliant with the current research foci and emerging areas of the faculty outlined below.

The announcement addresses in particular young potentials with promising perspectives to excel towards future key players in the particular area becoming independent principal investigators. An optimum research environment is offered in combination with an elaborate mentoring program.

This announcement represents a particular activity associated to the female researcher proliferation plan at TU Wien in combination with the Faculty of Technical Chemistry and the FemChem network; it aims specifically at increasing the number of female scientists within faculty personnel, consequently only applications by females will be considered.

Expected Qualifications and Areas of Responsibility:

Research The future tenure track scientist displays an independent research profile complementing current research areas within the faculty. These research foci cover the following fields representing core categories of international recognition by the faculty. Ideally, candidates cover more than one of these areas:

– Surface and Interface Science and Technology
– Sintered Materials and Composites
– Advanced Materials Characterization SUSTAINABILITY, ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT (SEE) – Chemical Energy Conversion Technologies
– Natural Resources and Biorefinery Technologies
– Environmental Analytics, Processes, and Technologies
– Green Chemistry and Catalysis BIOSCIENCE TECHNOLOGIES (BST) – Recombinant Proteins, Omics-Technologies and Systems Biotechnology
– Bioinstrumentation, Bioprocess Technology and Engineering
– Applied Biosynthesis and Medical Life-Sciences
– Molecular Diagnostics and Bioindicators

These research foci are complemented by emerging areas of the faculty representing future research directions of high potential; these areas are either defined as bridging activities between research foci or main developmental areas with external partners: – Materials for Energy Conversion Technologies (bridging CTM/SEE)
– Biosystems Technology & Engineering (SEE/BST)
– Theranostics, Precision & Personalized Medicine (outreach) Additional information to both research foci and emerging areas can be found 

Teaching is associated to the Bachelor programs Technical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering as well as to the Master program Technical Chemistry. It includes both lecture and laboratory courses (it should be emphasized that teaching at TU Wien is conducted in German exclusively at least in the Bachelor programs). Integration into teaching activities in basic research and applied sciences is envisioned including supervision of Bachelor, Master, and PhD students. Cooperation with other research groups at TU Wien in science and teaching as well as in grant applications is expected.

Your Profile / Requirements: – University MSc and PhD degrees in Technical Chemistry, Chemistry or a closely related discipline
– International research experience; research stay(s) abroad (e.g. Postdoc)
– Proven research achievements including international, peer-reviewed publications in relevant research fields.
– Experience in teaching (lectures and laboratory courses) in English (and ideally in German) as well as (co)supervision of students
– Experience in dissemination of scientific results at conferences and meetings
– Experience in the acquisition and implementation of third-party funded projects (ideally both in the fields of basic research and applied sciences with national and international funding agencies)
– Capability / potential to head a research group and to adopt management tasks within the organizational structure
– Excellent English language skills; in case of no / poor German skills, it is expected to reach a proficiency level within the first year to enable teaching contributions within the Bachelor programs as well as to allow participation in management and administrative tasks within the institute and the faculty
– National and international research cooperations are welcome.
– Ideally, candidates have experiences in project management and in leading a research group.
– Organizational talent, teamwork, and excellent communication skills
– Experiences in promoting young talents, mentoring female scientist, gender mainstreaming, and science outreach communication are highly welcome. 

There will be a two-stage selection procedure: applications will be reviewed followed by a hearing phase (on-site at TU Wien or via TC, depending on the Covid-situation) including presentations on past research achievement and future plans as well as a didactical section including a short test lecture on a pre-announced topic. Childcare periods and alike will be recognized in candidate ranking; in general, career stage and achievements will be evaluated considering academic age and aspects of equal opportunities. TU Wien aims at increasing the share of women, in particular in management functions and in the academic/artistic staff. Consequently, this vacancy represents a particular activity within the female scientist proliferation plan and female applicants will be considered, exclusively.   We endeavor to hire handicapped people with corresponding qualifications and therefore expressly encourage them to apply. For more information please contact the confidential counsellor for handicapped persons at TU Wien (contact: Gerhard Neustätter,

The employment starts as University Assistant according to the collective bargaining agreement for a PostDoc („Kollektivvertrag für Arbeitnehmerinnen der Universitäten“) with a minimum salary of currently EUR 3.889,50 gross (14x per year). After signing the qualification agreement, the employment is promoted to Assistane Professor with a minimum salary of currently EUR 4.599,60  brutto (14x per year).

Applications have to include:– Motivation letter
– Curriculum vitae
– Certificates of doctoral and diploma degrees
– List of scientific achievements
– List of publications and dissemination activities including available metric indicators (journal impact factor, citations, H-index)
– List of experience in teaching and training of young scientists within academic institutions
– List of acquired third-party funds
– Research statement: outline of planned research and teaching activities, and an explanation of their contribution to the scientific profile of the Faculty of Technical Chemistry and the TU Wien
– One detailed and competitive research proposal (state-of-the-art, aims, methodology – approx. 10 pages), to be adapted meeting requirements of national funding programs immediately after starting the employment contract for subsequent submission.
– Two research concepts on future project ideas (approx. 2 pages each) outlining plans and potential for competitive grant applications in the following years.
– Copies of three key publications.

Applications in English (as single pdf files) should be sent until 7.1.2021 by e-mail to Ms. Birgit Hahn (
Candidates are not eligible for a refund of expenses for travelling and lodging related to the application process.