Competent Leadership in Online and Hybrid Meetings

15. & 29. April 2021

Nowadays, online meetings are ever-present in our work life. This new formant brings along challenges such as keeping participants interested and getting their feedback. Therefore, FemChem organized two seminars with the trainers Nicole Schmidt and Sarah Theierling from the Moderation and Training company BusinessMind. They taught the participants how to lead online meetings in order to become more effective and obtain valuable feedback. Both courses were a great success, as our participants’ feedbacks indicate:


“I participated in the course “Competent Leadership in Online and Hybrid Meetings” to learn more about the different tools and techniques available. My fellow participants and me learned about dos and don’ts, general guidelines for meeting preparation, the different roles in meetings and most importantly, how to keep your audience invested during and online event. Overall, I had a lot of fun during the course and learned about new tools which will make my future meetings more interactive and engaging.”

  • Viola Hobiger, PhD student

“Preparation is key – not only in times like these. It was a pleasure discussing the variety of available online tools and all the different opportunities of combining them, no matter in which format. Even tough I already implemented some of them when offline meetings were more common, I had the chance to enlarge my “toolbox” with new features and ideas.“

  • Bernadette Kirchsteiger, PhD student

“Online/ hybrid meetings have been part of our life for the past year and will probably be with us for a longer time. This workshop dealt with a very current and important topic, and I congratulate FemChem and our trainers, Nicole and Sarah, on this successful workshop. I am sure that I will soon be able to apply my newly acquired knowledge.”

  • Anna Schmidbauer, PhD student