The 3rd FemChem Scientific Workshop on September 20th was special in many ways. It was our first hybrid event, with a total of more than 130 on-site and more than 40 online participants. Four invited talks were given by our new colleagues on female-career positions Anne Conibear, Maricruz Sanchez-Sanchez, Maren Podewitz and Irina Delidovich. Additionally, 13 oral presentations were given and 12 scientific posters were presented by young researchers of all genders.

“I attended FemChem with a Poster presentation and enjoyed it very much. The curation of speakers from different scientific backgrounds made for an interesting mix of topics and contributed to a great collaborative atmosphere. All in all, I had a wonderful time at this workshop and I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to contribute to it.”

Bernhard Fickl

“FemChem’s Scientific Workshop was an unforgettable experience! The whole conference was thought through to the smallest details and perfectly organized – which is very impressive considering the hybrid nature of the event. I really loved the idea of the 4 thematic blocks, each introducing one of the new female career-position-colleagues, enabling them to present their work and connect with others. The sense of human connection is undeniably important for the well-being (especially in the new environment), but rather hard to establish in the recent times of social distancing. And the aspect I – a junior scientist entering the scientific community- appreciated the most? The extremely warming and supportive atmosphere promoting open discussion and free exchange of ideas and experience. Huge thanks to the whole team for this highly inspirational and motivating event <3!”

Zuzana Gajarska

“It was the first time this scientific workshop was realised as a hybrid event and open for all genders, well let’s say – it’s a match! This workshop provided an environment, which clearly represented the diversity of our faculty. It was delightful to listen to all the presentations, thank you for that!”

Bernadette Kirchsteiger

“I am very happy that I had the opportunity to attend the workshop.  I got to know nice colleagues and their work. It also helped me to learn how to design and present scientific posters, so I was able to gain a very good initial experience for further meetings. Thanks to the whole FemChem team for that.”

Danijela Kojic

“After quite a long time of online conferences and pre-recorded talks, it was a very enjoyable experience to attend a live meeting and to hear a broad range of very interesting scientific talks. Apart from the very good organization and the well implemented hybrid option, it was really great to see the quality and diversity of the research that is being done here at TU Wien.”

Matthäus Siebenhofer

Organizational Committee: Marianne Lahnsteiner, Katharina Mairhofer, Vanessa Nürnberger, Jasmin Schubert, Stefanie Taibl, and Noelia Barrabés Rabanal, Victoria Dorrer, Karin Föttinger, Ayse Nur Koyun, Frieda Kapsamer, Bernadette Kirchsteiger, Larissa Ruppitsch, Anna Schmidbauer

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