The beginning of FemChem lies in the announcement of 2 positions for female Professorships and 2 positions for female Assistant Professorships at TU Wien in 2015/2016, where the Faculties have to apply for the dedication of the positions to their fields. The application demanded the inclusion of an advancement plan for women within the Faculty. To support the Dean on the formulation of the advancement plan for women, a group of female scientists of the Faculty of Technical Chemistry formed to discuss on the requirements . Finally, the Faculty of Technical Chemistry won one of the female Professorships and thus the advancement plan for Women at the Faculty will be realised.

The main points of the advancement plan for Women at the Faculty of Technical Chemistry are:

  • Increase of the number of habilitated Women in University positions
  • Announcement of Praedoc and Postdoc University positions for Women only
  • Inclusion of Women as external members in tenure and habilitation commissions
  • Awarding of travel grants to female scientists to enable their participation in conferences with presentations
  • Improvement of the communication between all Women of the Faculty and the head of the Faculty

To enhance the communication between the Women and the head of the Faculty, a representation of the Women was installed. It consisted of 2 representatives of each institute of the faculty and 1 representative of the Committee on Equal Treatment. This representation was named FemChem in spring 2016.


What does FemChem want?

FemChem wants to improve the situation of Women at the Faculty of Technical Chemistry. This demands

  • Transparency and fairness in communication and decision-making
  •  Respectful and appreciative behaviour
  •  Advancement of equality of opportunity

FemChem participates actively, supports and demands. All Women of the Faculty of Technical Chemistry shall feel properly represented.

What does FemChem do?

What is FemChem?

FemChem is a platform for exchange of ideas, information and experiences.

FemChem is a group of Women who want to participate actively.

FemChem is NOT a pure service institution.


  • Build up inner strength: broad support and acceptance within the group, grassroots democracy
  • Build up outer strength: realise measures, establish as mouthpiece for Women, strengthen Women in leading and decision-making positions,
  • Enhance competences: enhance the competences of Women by special education, via successful role models and solidarity between Women
  • Scientific networking: increase the scientific visibility within the Faculty with workshops, information sessions, conferences, project applications
  • Ethics and communication: increase transparency and communication via a monthly joint lunch, quarterly board meetings and jour fixe with the Dean, development of a mutual trust, development of a critical mass, defining fundamental values

What are our plans for the next 2-3 years?

What has already been done?

  • Organisation of the first meeting between FemChem and the Dean in October 2016 and subsequent quarterly meetings
  • Development of rules for the awarding of the travel grants for Women
  • Installation of a jury for the decision on the travel grants – 8 grants have already been awarded in 2018
  • A logo for FemChem has been designed
  • Yearly meetings between all interested Women of the Faculty and the Dean have been held
  • First FemChem seminar in August 2017 for content alignment of FemChem and first base extension
  • FemChem Kick Off in April 2018 for implementation of a structure for FemChem towards realization
  • 1st Scientific Workshop in June 2018 for internal networking and further broadening of the base
  • First workshop on Identity and Diversity in October 2018
  • Election of the FemChem board in November 2018
  • First iteration of the event “Von Frau zu Frau” with Rector Sabine Seidler and Ao.Univ.Prov. Simone Knaus in January 2019
  • Planning of the first courses on hard skills and soft skills
  • The FemChem homepage has been set up and is online since February 2019
  • The first FemChem Newsletter has been sent out in February 2019

We are grateful for the financial and organisational support of the FemChem activities by Rector Sabine SeidlerVice Rector Anna Steiger and especially the former Dean Herbert Danninger and the new Dean Marko Mihovilovic.