4 October 2019
FemChem Workshop

2019 Scientific FemChem Workshop! Save the date!!!

14 June 2019
Presentation FemChem

FemChem will be presented in the framework of “100 years Female Students at TU-Wien”.

February 2019
First FemChem Newsletters

February 2019
We are Online!!!!

After lots of work and effort by our Communication & Information team, we are please to announce that our FemChem website is finally online! 

Enhance your skill set
FemChem Seminars

The Competence Enhancement team of FemChem has recently send out a poll to find out how many women would be interested tot ake part in seminars on “The proper quick response”, “Persuasion Skills” and “Origin Software Training”. The dates will be announced soon!

100 years female
students at TU Wien

On April 17th, 1919, a decree first allowed women to officially study at TU Wien. Now 100 years later, TU Wien aims to remeber and celebrate its first female footsteps with a tightly packed event schedule throughout the whole year 2019.